About HTML5

About HTML5

HTML5 is the new version of the HTML language. The Latest version of HTML has many new techno lies that help to make the website more faster and attractive design wise and coding wise too and make better performance and integration.

HTML5 has many new tags and set of new technologies which are useful to build a powerful and diversive websites. It has many things like Semantics, Connectivity, Multimedia Things, Performance and Styling, Allow to store data on client side and locally too, Allow 2d and 3d Graphics and related Effects and also main important in this generation is Device Accessibility and Styling. The latest version has the camera related function, Device touch events, detective device orientation and other functions as well.

This HTML5 has new semantics tags like Mark, Figure, Figcaption, Data, Output, Progress, Main and Meter. These tags are generally increasing the numbers of HTML5 element valid. It has connectivity related functions like Web Sockets, Server-sent events, Webrtc and offline resources like application cache etc.

It has Online and offline events like WHATWG online and offline events which is help to applications and site that detect the internet is in active mode or inactive mode and also detect whenever the internet connection goes on and off.

HTML5 has the Multimedia Functions and 2d and 3d graphics also like audio and video tag for the audio and video contents it has also WebVTT which is text track format and for the 2d and 3d there is Canvas which is allow us to use 2d and 3d type elements and create that kind of elements and last but not the list the SVG which also help for the 2d and 3d Graphics.

There are many new things in HTML5 which are helps now for the developer and designer to make the site and application much better than old schools, so this is a small summary of HTML5.