How to manage an IT team?

How to manage an IT team?

Are your from developer background?
If yes, think like a MVC in real life when you are manager to manage your team. If you are manager then you are the controller.

Your marketing team or client interaction team is your HTML templates 🙂

While your developers, designers and network guys (all technical guys) are your models who contains the business and who runs the business as they are the heart to generate the revenue for the your organisation.

In MVC real business logic relies in models, same in real life real quality work or impression and outcome of an IT company relies of technical team of your team.

Okay, apart from this imaginary world of team management via MVC, what are the key points to manage the team?

1. Never forget anything:
Being the manager, you are responsible for all and everything for your team. If your team is doing great, you are managing greatly. If your team is doing bed, you are the only person being a manager for that bed performance. No team member is responsible.
So always keep the lists and track who is doing what and when. Here "who" includes yourself as manager and each team member of your team. Being a manger you have no rights to forget anything 🙂

2. Think for priorities:
If you are remembering everything there is a lot to do on your desk for you and for your team, and then take some relaxed time to think for priorities.

3. Motivate your team:
Good persons in the team should always be motivated, but still persons who performed low should also be motivated by managers to improve the confidence.

4. Communicate with your team:
Always stay in touch for small things with your team to know their day to day problems and day to day routines.

5. Communicate with customers and competitors:
Also customer satisfaction is another huge topic but to improve the team and to think for the next plans, being a manager it’s your responsibility to communicate with clients.
Also managers need to communicate with competitors so they can know what’s running in real market 🙂

Apart from all these rules, there is thumb rule for managing the team "There is no rule"