Latest PHP web development trends

Latest PHP web development trends

1) Faster and leaner PHP 7

- PHP 7 looks familiar for developers, but it is especially focused on high performance.

- Experts predict the growth of PHP 7 adoption rate, and they have several reasons for verifying such forecast.

- Using PHP 7 the performance of applications has gained up twice comparing with older versions.

- RAM consumption was decreased by 50% during the request processing in PHP 7.

- Previously there are many errors which are reason of application stop working now those can be processed as exceptions

- The most popular CMS and frameworks such as WordPress, Magento and Symfony ready for PHP 7.

- All these changes of PHP 7 increase application speed and reduce resources needs.


2) Market forecast

- Experts predict that by 2025 half of American enterprises are expected to run more than 10 applications.

- Though PHP cannot be the best choice for any web solutions, it is still holding the lead positions in the development of tech startups.

- By using PHP, one can quickly build a viable application in a short-term to see which way a project should move forward.

- PHP is an open source and well-known technology used for web development services.

- Many developers around the world use it and it is cost effective.

- It is one of the most efficient means of modern web development


3) Flash

- Flash is the best tool to create 3D eye-catching banner ads, Facebook modules, games etc.

- Flash could slow down the work of the application but anyway, I’m absolutely positive that flash will survive in the world of web development.

- Flash is still the best tool available for a QOS provider.


4) Responsive Web Design & Development

- In daily life, people rely on the ability to get access to such top world web services as e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

- The developers should make sure that the platforms are satisfying the customers’ needs.

- All required services should be synchronized with the latest updates on the mobile and web industries.


5) Online Presentation

- Online applications focusing on the presentation work which helps them to captivate the users as soon as they enters the website.

- The use of clever infographics in application helps user to spend more time on the application.


6) Fix Header Bar

- The most important information and the services provided should stay with the visitor of your website so, fix Header Bar is a necessity to your application.

- Brand Name and logo should stick on your application’s header, so the users always have it in front of their eyes.