Let's discuss about the LESS Css Framework. LESS is the latest framework of css that is trending now very fast and it’s professional, mature and powerful grade css version comparing to old css versions.

The LESS css is used by bootstrap and other framework also so it is going fastly worldwide and many more industries are turning to LESS for the fastest working procedure and results.

Normally LESS is the precompiled version of css. With the help of it tp load the page fastly then older css versions. LESS can be compiling through Grunt, Gulp Js and other compiler software also. It is latest version but still it is compatible with the all old versions of the css frameworks.

LESS have also mathematical functions which are helpful to make dynamic spacing class for multiple screen resolutions. So we can create own our column structure as we need with less efforts in short words we can say we can create our own bootstrap version for the task as per our requirement.

So, having seen this progress of LESS we can see in the near future we will have the LESS in each and every developed site and static sites and UI/UX Designer will have mandatory to this, we can say that.