New Linux Ubuntu 19.04 Features

New Linux Ubuntu 19.04 Features

Ubuntu 19.04’s codename is Disco Dingo

Ubuntu is now updated and release a new version with new features, its call Disco Dingo. we all know the meaning of Disco, and Dingo is dog native to Australia.

New features in Ubuntu 19.04:

Ubtuntu 19.04 come with new security and stability features. we have many reasons for upgrade Ubuntu 19.04. Here we are discuss for that.

1. Kernel 5.0:

In 18.10 and older ubuntu, we are using 4.14 kernel version. Now, Ubuntu 19.04 have new and upgraded kernel version . Its use widely delivers hardware support and performance.
Kernel-5.0 improve and supports to Nvidia and AMD graphics. These include: support for AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics processor and Intel Cannonlake graphics. It also comes with USB 3.2 and Type-C and power-savings improvements. One good news for laptop users , Power managing and driver update feature also added for laptop users. While this kernel doesn't include any powerhouse improvements, it brings some decent updates.

2. New Theme: Yaru:
It’s totally new theme in ubuntu 19.04. Yaru is now extended and supports more third-party applications. Yaru Theme is better and good support then ubuntu 18.10. Overall its modern and keeping previous ubuntu theme also. Yaru should have full light/dark versions, and more

3. Application Permission Control ( GNOME 3.32 ):
It’s one of most important feature in ubuntu 19.04, its smartphone-style application permissions. It look like Smartphone alter feature after installation of the app.

4. Live Patching:
Its already available in Ubuntu server administrator, but now ubuntu 19.04 its available in desktop users.
Its available in software and updates screens these will apply kernel update without restart system. Its free for Ubuntu One account users but business users will need to pay for the service.

5. Mesa 19 Open Source GPU Driver:
Amd Graphic users will find this feature on Ubuntu 19.04. Mesa is open source OpenGl and its support Hardware and software both drivers. if you like Games and Video editing Mesa19 its good and support to you.

Cool Smaller Tweaks in the New Ubuntu:

1. Tabbed Terminal:
Its use for multiple terminal sessions can be a pain. its new in ubuntu 19.04 and easier to control different bash apps, command and SSH sessions.

2. New Look Audio Settings:
Similarly, the audio settings have a new look, with better controls more suited to a modern multimedia PC. Access any audio device connected or set up on your system and adjust the settings as required.

3. Desktop Animation Improvements:
GNOME 3.32 its new and smooth desktop feature with help of Yaru desktop theme and updated with the graphic drive and almost in any resolution.

4. Night Light Granula Controls:
It’s not a new feature, Night light is new controls and its help to set brightness on demand. Different color temperatures can be set based on the time of day, with preset Sunset to Sunrise and manual options.

5. Faster GNOME Search:
Finally it’s one of the most new and faster feature add in ubuntu 19.04 , Its GNOME feature improve file indexing ,making faster than ever.

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