Our Services

We practice large variety of digital solution enhancement solutions to expands our clients businesses and to provide them better and optimal solutions for digital transformations.

Website Development

Digital presence matters! And that should not comprise on quality, viability and should be attractive. Here starts our job, Galitein technologies provides all the know-how and expertise to make you digital presence better. We provide solutions to our clients from the very beginning to throughout the launch and we are not limited to here only….

E-Commerce Solutions

Digitalisation is everywhere, it’s obvious that traditional commerce is changing into e-commerce and going to evolve more in near future. Being an expert on offering E-commerce solutions in many PHP frameworks (Symfony, Magento and Drupal) Galitein technologies offers a wide range of service to provides end- to-end solutions. We will support you throughout the process…

User Experience

At Galitein, with 5 years of experience, we have gained a real know-how in design of interface of our customers websites facilitating them with easy to use, clear and simple layout. The main objective is to create a graphical document that ensures the coherence, ergonomics and realisation of ideas in the form of content and…

Symfony Development

Symfony based CMS development is one of our expertise area. Our symfony experts, a team of 25+ people has been delivering continuously for our International clients, various complex web based applications development and support under B2B and B2C domain. When it comes to developing complicated web applications requiring scalability, extensibility and ease of maintenance. Symfony…

Vue.js Development

We use vue.js to build frontend (single-page application/ multiple-page web application) as vue has powerful architecture and excellent libraries which makes user interface very fast and clean.

Angular.js Development

Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build applications with the web. Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges. Angular empowers developers to build applications that live on the web, mobile, or the desktop.

Blockchain Development

Today Blockchain technology is making an revolutionary change to sectors like banking, healthcare, Iot, licensing and copyrights, government sections like elections, certificates, B2B, Surveys and many more.Let yourself focus on the idea and business plan while Galitein technologies covers the technicalities. We provide solutions to our clients from the beginning to throughout the new launch…

eZ Platform

eZ Platform is a symfony based content management system which we use for our customer to fulfill their needs. It consists of the technical platform for developers including a Web framework, APIs and a Content Repository. eZ Platform supports frontend and backend both including Varnish cache, All the functionality of Symfony, Elasticsearch. URL & Translation…