Content management

Whenever new item will be published. It will be automatically placed in new Location and All Locations form a a tree which is the basic way of organising content in the system. However, Content items themselves can also be related to one another.


By using one eZ Platform instance and database, we can serve multiple different sites and site will have its own content root, at a lower level than the default one (Location ID 2). You can use one global back office for all sites, or a separate back office for each site. eZ Platform enables you to maintain multiple sites in one installation using a feature called SiteAccesses.

Service container

Service container is also named as DIC - Dependency Injection Container and its a special object that facilitates dependency resolution and It is based on the dependency injection design pattern. eZ Platform exposes own tags also so we can use Symfony and eZ Platform service tags in development

Ethereum 1.8

To become a node in the Ethereum network, your computer will have to download and update a copy of the entire Ethereum blockchain.Eth — “…If you want added security by running two different implementations in parallel or are serious about GPU mining, then the C++ “Eth” client is for you.”

Solidity 0.4

Solidity is a contract-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. ... Finally,blockchains have their own things to watch out for, so please take a ... Dapp: Build tool, package manager, and deployment assistant for Solidity.

ERC-20 Token generation

ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is the number that was assigned to this request.

ICO: Initial coins offerings

Initial coins offerings - An Initial Coin Offering, also commonly referred to as an ICO, is a fundraising mechanism in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens in exchange for bitcoin and ether.


Truffle is a development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline forEthereum, aiming to make life as an Ethereum developer easier. With Truffle, you get: Built-in smart contract compilation, linking, deployment and binary management.

Web3 & Angular.Js

Communicating with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain is hard. There is already a bit to read about this on the Interwebs, but here is my approach using the latest stable version of Web3 (0.18.4) along with Angular and TypeScript.

Ethereum DApp

A dapp is a service that enables direct interaction between end users and providers. Ethereum dapps typically interface users via an HTML/Javascript web application using a Javascript API to communicate with the blockchain.

MetaMask for deployment

Metamask is a browser extension that allows you to interact with the Ethereumblockchain, all without downloading the entire data filled blockchain. It's a simpletool that allows you to use your cryptocurrency, all in your regular web browser.

Vue.js Routing

Vue js routing is used in single-page application to manage routes on client side, You can specify the components for the specific route url.

Vue.js Templating

Vue js uses HTML based template syntax which allows you to bind rendered DOM element with vue instance data property.

Vue.js Transitions

Vue.js provides a way to apply transition effects when vue instance rendered, updated or removed form/into the DOM with vue js transitions.


Npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry. Discover packages of reusable code — and assemble them in powerful new ways.

Angular CLI

Angular CLI is a command line tool for creating angular apps. It is recommended to use angular cli for creating angular apps as you don't need to spend time installing and configuring all the required dependencies and wiring everything together.


Composer is the add-on manager for PHP projects. Composer can set necessary files for setting up symfony development environment.


A wireframe, a very first step is the part of web design and user experiences for realisation of a website. This shows the initial structure of website content and their layout. Wireframe enables clear understanding of requirements for our customers to show them "What actually they are looking for?"


A persona defines how many types of users exists on the website and their journey while browsing content on the website, a virtual representation of target users. Personas can also be used to set priorities of demanding features for the website from our customers and provides a clear understanding of different interface for targeted users, their behaviours while browsing the website.

User Stories

User stories, first and foremost steps towards transitioning from planning to executions. User stories defines different action and their results for targeted user. Who? What? and How?


With Symfony we can build E-commerce website which should easy to use and customisable. In order to help users to get their e-shops up and running rapidly. Symfony provides best solution for that.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a powerful tool that helps to reassure visitors of your store about your trustworthiness. Payment gateway is an e-commerce service that allows merchants to accept credit card and other forms of Internet transactions securely via your website.


GitLab is a decentralised version management software. This is the most popular version management software that has been used by more than 12 million people.


PHPUnit is a programmer-oriented testing framework for PHP. It is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks.