User Experience

At Galitein, with 5 years of experience, we have gained a real know-how in design of interface of our customers websites facilitating them with easy to use, clear and simple layout. The main objective is to create a graphical document that ensures the coherence, ergonomics and realisation of ideas in the form of content and their layout for facilitating a better user experience to the end user. A great designs also enables our customers to show detailed understanding of their ideas and business vision to solve a problem, if they have and thinking about better solutions by analysing the designs with different contexts and personas.

Our Tools


A wireframe, a very first step is the part of web design and user experiences for realisation of a website. This shows the initial structure of website content and their layout. Wireframe enables clear understanding of requirements for our customers to show them "What actually they are looking for?"


A persona defines how many types of users exists on the website and their journey while browsing content on the website, a virtual representation of target users. Personas can also be used to set priorities of demanding features for the website from our customers and provides a clear understanding of different interface for targeted users, their behaviours while browsing the website.

User Stories

User stories, first and foremost steps towards transitioning from planning to executions. User stories defines different action and their results for targeted user. Who? What? and How?


To implement ideas and to provide digital business solutions we use Agile methodologies with a set of easy-to-use tools for improving productivity.


Our Solutions

Marc Boney M.A. is an internationally renowned astrological teacher, writer and consultant. His attention is on using the Vedic system to help guide individuals in their lives, as well as training other Jyotishis.

Work Done:
Custom Changes, Suggestion of UI/UX, Custom Pages, Annual Maintainance Contract

FMFM is a Hairdresser Magazine which offers an active industry portal where they provides most up-to-date and exclusive news that is of interest, inspiration and important for your daily work in the salon.

Work Done:
Website Redesign, Design issues resolved

MyTrend is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality branded products with lowest price ever. Launching fashion for men and women.

Work Done:
Website designing, development, SEO, Support and Maintence

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