WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a feature which allows users to create a “Network” of subsites within a single install of WordPress. WordPress Multisite is not a plugin, but is a feature which can be enabled for sites.

The great thing about Multisite is that the WordPress installation itself is almost exactly the same as a standard installation: it has the same folder structure, the same core files and the same code base. This means that installing a Multisite network isn’t much more complicated than installing a standard WordPress site, and updating Multisite is exactly the same as updating any WordPress site. All of your network’s themes and plugins are stored just once, no matter how many sites you use them on, meaning you’ll be using a lot less server space than if you used a separate WordPress installation for each site.

Features of wordpress multisite :

- As the network administrator, you can easily manage multiple sites and blogs from a single dashboard.
- You can have a network of subdomains like http://john.example.com or directories like http://www.example.com/john/.
- Network admistrator can create an account for other users and get their own wordpress websites and blogs.
- Super network admistrator can install themes and plugins and make available for other sites on the network.
- Multisite network also makes it easier for you to manage updates.
- Users can be shared across many websites. you can assign a user to as many websites as you like.

WordPress Network Administrator screen will be very familiar to anyone who has used WordPress look like as below:

wordpress multisite